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  1. 1. Med Parazitol (Mosk). Oct-Dec;(4) [Parasitic affliction of the vision organs]. [Article in Russian] Arakelian RS, Galimzianov KhM, Arakelian Arakelian Rs, Galimzianov KhM, Arakelian As.
  2. Parasitic Affliction Combat Debuff Hostile Not Removable Description The target continuously suffers 54 points of poison-based damage for the duration of the formula.
  3. Schistosomiasis is caused by a parasitic trematode, and three major species infect humans worldwide: Schistosoma japonicum, S. mansoni, and S. haematobium(Figure ). This parasite is unique among helminths in that the male/female pair live together in the blood vessels of the human host.
  4. Sep 03,  · Intestinal Parasites is an Affliction caused by consuming pieces of raw or cooked meat from carnivorous animals including wolves, timberwolves and bears. It is currently only in Stalker and Interloper difficulties. The chance of contracting Intestinal Parasites after eating first piece of meat.
  5. Mar 12,  · Parasites include protozoans such as the agents of malaria, sleeping sickness, and amoebic dysentery; animals such as hookworms, lice, mosquitoes, and vampire bats; fungi such as honey fungus and the agents of ringworm; and plants such as mistletoe, dodder, and the broomrapes.
  6. Sep 15,  · Psychosis [edit | edit source] The patient rants and mutters in an agitated fashion, a steady commentary of unseen events. The Psychosis affliction has no impact on health, but causes the player to see fires and screen shaking, as if the submarine was being attacked by a Creature.
  7. Apr 08,  · Parasitic entities notice that, much like blood in the water to sharks, and they come swarming after an easy meal. You’ve probably seen this with the self-sacrificing person in your life. They are always willing to give you their time and energy, but they always seem a bit sick and fatigued. That’s a good sign an entity has attached itself.
  8. Gongylonema pulchrum infections are due to humans acting as accidental hosts for the parasite. There are seven genera of spirudia nematodes that infect human hosts accidentally: Gnathostoma, Thelazia, Gongylonema, Physaloptera, Spirocerca, Rictularia. The G. pulchrum parasite is a nematode worm of the order Spirurida. It is a relatively thin nematode, and like other worms within its class, it .

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